All our products contain 100% pure cold-pressed jojoba that has been grown on our farm. This means we know how the jojoba plants are grown and what happens to the seed before it is crushed. We carefully grade and wash the seed which means extra time and expense but these are some of the most vital factors affecting the quality of the jojoba extracted from the seed.

When selecting ingredients, we consider suitability, quality and environmental impact, before cost. Our products contain natural plant ingredients or ingredients derived from plants. The natural non-plant ingredients of goat’s milk, beeswax, pumice and green clay are included in some products. We take advantage of jojoba’s long shelf life and most of our products are made without adding any preservatives. Water based products do require added preservatives for safe use and here plant antioxidants and a green tea identical product are used.

As jojoba is one of the most hypoallergenic skin moisturisers available, we keep a fragrant free range in all our product categories. When we do add fragrance, we do this with carefully selected essential plant oils which give the extra benefits that these essential oils are known to possess.

We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we have enjoyed formulating and making them.