100% Pure Cold Pressed Jojoba (sometimes called Virgin Jojoba Oil or Cold Pressed Golden Jojoba) is liquid at room temperature and is a clear golden colour.
This grade of jojoba is the only one used in Jojoba Natural products. It is mechanically pressed from seed which has been allowed to mature fully on the bush. It turns solid at 10°C but can be easily bought back to a liquid form by gentle heating (eg by running warm water over the bottle). Jojoba that has a greenish tinge has been produced from immature seed and is inferior in quality. Cold pressed jojoba is the most natural type of jojoba extract and is considered by the cosmetic industry to be the premium grade of jojoba.

Jojoba wax esters can also be extracted by heat and solvents. This grade of jojoba is often sold under the names of 100% Pure Jojoba or Golden Jojoba. A higher percentage of liquid jojoba will be extracted by this method but with it comes impurities. Also vitamins are destroyed in the process and much of the benefit of using a natural product is lost. Without the words “cold pressed” there is no guarantee of a premium grade of jojoba.

Winterised jojoba. This is not pure jojoba. Oil with a low melting point (eg canola) is mixed with jojoba to keep it liquid at cooler temperatures. The fact that your jojoba turns solid at 10°C is a sign that it is pure.

Lite jojoba (bleached jojoba) This jojoba has been actively bleached to a clear liquid so it will not change the colour of white cosmetics. We believe it is more important for a product to be natural than for a cosmetic product to be white. Note The natural golden colour of jojoba will be bleached by long periods of exposure to sunlight – it can still be used in this state.