Jojoba Natural Body Bars and Handwash, containing 100% pure cold pressed jojoba, are mild skin cleansers with a low lather and a gentle cleansing action.

Handmade by the traditional cold poured method, the body bars consist of saponified edible vegetable oils and jojoba and other natural ingredients. This method ensures the goodness of the essential plant oils is retained. As jojoba makes up 20% of these bars, they can usually be used when skin is sensitive to other soaps and may be used by people with eczema, psoriasis, dry skin and dermatitis when soap is required.

The liquid soap is also made by saponifying natural plant ingredients and has natural anti-bacterial pure essential oils added to increase its cleansing action.

As these products do not contain commercial fixatives, preservatives or other harsh chemicals, the essential oils will slowly evaporate so “best before” dates are indicated on the packaging.

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