Citrus & Jojoba Handwash


A handwash made from natural ingredients with a gentle cleansing action and the fresh aroma of especially selected essential oils – sizes 250ml and 1Litre.

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Sizes 250ml and 1Litre
A desire to have a handwash with the moisturising qualities of jojoba made traditionally using natural ingredients has resulted in the formulation of this hand cleanser. Its low lathering action ensures it is mild to use, the antibacterial properties of the essential oils have a natural cleansing effect and the jojoba helps to soften the skin. If left undisturbed for a length of time this handwash may separate into a creamy layer with a clear layer underneath and this is because we have not added an emulsifier. It does not interfere with its gentle cleansing action however, upending the bottle several times returns the liquid to its original condition.

Citrus and Jojoba Handwash contains asponified edible vegetable oils, cold pressed jojoba, Vitamin E, glycerine, aloe vera, citric acid, essential oils of lemon scented gum, lime, sweet orange and lemon tea tree.

This product is designed for cleansing your hands but can also be used on your body. It is not recommended for your face It is popular with men as it removes serious dirt without the drying effects of petroleum based cleaners.

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Bottle with lotion pump 250ml, Refill bottle 250ml, One Litre jerrycan


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