Jojoba Essential Rosewood Blend


100% pure cold pressed Australian jojoba is blended with the essential oils of rosewood, lavender and rose geranium in a dark green glass bottle with pump – sizes 50ml & 100ml


This jojoba blend results in a soft fragrance which promotes an uplifting feeling of well being. Rosewood essential oil has been chosen for its uplifting qualities, lavender for its relaxing effect and rose geranium is a good skin balancer. Added to jojoba and used as a skin moisturiser they create a soft aroma and have an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial effect.

The green bottles help protect the Jojoba oil and essentials oils from sunlight.

Jojoba Essential Rosewood Blend.

Jojoba Essential Rosewood blend as a bath oil
A few drops added to bath water really makes a difference to how your skin feels after it has been dried while the soft aroma of this blend helps provide a luxurious relaxing bath. Note Jojoba Essential does not contain an emulsifier so it may be necessary to wipe a small amount of oil from the bath after the water has been discarded. Lack of an emulsifier is in keeping with our philosophy of “no added chemicals”. The water can be safely recycled on the garden.

Jojoba Essential Rosewood blend as a shaving aid for face (or legs!)
Use Jojoba Essential instead of shaving cream or soap or gently massage a small amount into your skin after shaving. Men with sensitive skin can often use our aftershaves when others cause skin problems – most normal aftershaves are astringent and tend to dry skin whereas jojoba is moisturising and counteracts razor burn. If used as a pre-shaving lotion an aftershave lotion is not necessary. The anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, skin balancing effects and soft aroma of the essential oils enhance the qualities of jojoba to make this an “aftershave with a difference”.

Jojoba Essential Rosewood blend as a massage lotion
Jojoba makes an excellent massage lotion with the advantages of a non-oily feel, allowing firm contact while leaving the skin moisturised but not greasy. It also has a long shelf life compared to other plant based massage lotions. Jojoba Essential Rosewood Blend’s combination of essential oils promote an overall feeling of well being making it particularly useful as a special massage lotion.

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Weight 108 g

50ml, 100ml


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