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This pack includes a selection of most of our products. It is similar to the Travelers Pack, but also includes our signature “Citrus and Jojoba Handwash” which is cleansing but keeps your hands moisturised and a lip balm (not shown in photo). For explanation of the options, please refer to product description tab below


This pack contains:
50ml bottle of 100% pure cold pressed jojoba
50gm tube of Moisturising Cream,
50 gm tube of Jojoba Hair Shampoo (choice of Fragrance Free or Fresh and Fancy)
50 gm tube of Jojoba Hair Conditioner (choice of Fragrance Free or Fresh and Fancy)
250ml Citrus and Jojoba Handwash
Lip Balm (choice of Natural, Sweet Orange, Peach, Pawpaw or Spearmint.)
100gm Jojoba Body Bar (Choice of Simply Pure (Fragrance free), Lavender or Lemon Scented Gum.

Where you have a choice of product item, please tell us what you would like in the “Order Notes” window on the “Checkout” page and, if possible, we will include these in your gift box. If an item is out of stock we will let you know and ask for another choice. If no preference is given we are happy to make the choice for you.

Jojoba is well known as a moisturiser, massage oil, hair conditioner, bath oil and aftershave. It is no surprise then that Jojoba oil makes an excellent addition to shampoo and conditioner as it helps moisturise your scalp and promote soft, clean, shiny hair.

Jojoba Handwash is designed for cleansing your hands but can also be used on your body. It is not recommended for your face. It is popular with men as it removes serious dirt without the drying effects of petroleum based cleaners.

Jojoba Lip balms are perfect for your hand bag or pocket and are particularly useful for coping with the dry air of plane travel or the rigors of prolonged outdoor activity

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