Men’s Soap and Exfoliating Bar

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120gm bars of men’s soap and a 120gm jojoba exfoliating bar


Two 120gm soap bars containing saponified vegetable oils and jojoba with pumice and essential oils are designed especially for men. Blokey soap has a fresh eucalyptus and lemon aroma while New Age Man Soap contains a spicy combination of revitalising essential oils that has proven to be popular amongst the male members of the community.

The Jojoba Exfoliating bar (120gms) contains jojoba grits for a gentle exfoliating effect. Essential oils, mostly originating from the Australian bush, provide a natural cleansing action.

These natural body bars are mild but effective skin cleansers for hands and body. They contain 20% jojoba which counteracts the normal drying action of soap on skin. The addition of pumice or jojoba grits give them an added cleansing action to remove flaky or greasy dead skin cells.

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Jojoba Exfoliating Bar, Blokey Soap, New Age Man Soap

2 reviews for Men’s Soap and Exfoliating Bar

  1. Nat

    Our boys love the Blokey Soap. Always good when boys love soap.

    • Clare

      Thanks Nat it is exciting the your boys love our Blokey soap as indeed it can be hard to please boys.

  2. Nicole

    I love the Exfoliating Bar. I love the texture and it’s great to use all year round.

    • Clare

      These bars are favourites for many. We often sell out of the Exfoliating and the Blokey soap. They last well and are great for getting rid of dead skin or grime!

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